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What's A HoCo Pirate Treasure Hunt?

Captain Evie and First Mate Sawyer

Ahoy, Matey! Welcome to HoCo Pirate Adventures! 

First and foremost, please join our crew on Facebook! This is where all the information will be put out for hunts and other activities! 

Every month, a roughly 1-mile path somewhere in Howard County, Maryland transforms into a trail of clues left by Captain Evie and First Mate Sawyer - the most cunning pirates on the high seas - and leads to adventure and treasure for kids of all ages! 

You start with a print-it-yourself mission and map, and end with treasure and memories that will last a lifetime! Just follow the directions on the map, look for the clues hidden along the trail, use problem-solving and critical thinking skills to decipher the codes, and end at a secret treasure chest! We provide two levels of clues - one for the little mates who swab the deck (ages 3-7) and those who square the sails and trim the sheets (ages 8 and over). 

The trail is available for approximately 10 days every month, April through December. You can go on the hunt at any time during daylight hours while the hunt is open - no reservations or time slots! We strongly encourage dressing in your favorite pirate costumes or HoCo Pirate Adventures gear and taking lots of photos to share on our Facebook page

Thanks for stopping by. May you have fair winds and following seas!

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and donate to a local, Howard County charity or organization every month! #PiratesGiveBack

EIN: 87-1566910

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Get the "How To Do A HoCo Pirate Treasure Hunt!" guide in the store for all the nitty-gritty details on the hunts. 

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When buying the monthly hunt, choose the "Pay What You Want" option and give a few extra dollars to keep the treasure chest full! 

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Purchases and Tips: The store on this site sells the monthly hunts, "Anytime Adventures", and HoCo Pirate Adventures merchandise (Booty!). On some items you can “Pay What You Want” for any amount! (Tips keep ya from havin' to walk the plank!)

HOCO Pirate Treasure hunts provided a safe, fun, and educational adventure outside! Our kids (ages 6.5 and 3.5 now) LOVED doing this last spring, summer, and fall. With different levels of difficulty, both kids could actively participate! They’re anxiously awaiting the next hunt!


The Pirate Treasure Hunts are well thought out and so much fun, even for me the parent! From the Facebook group, to the printable map, the actual hunt and treasure box with prizes at the end. Each treasure hunt is in a different location, so every hunt is new and different from the last. We are so lucky to be apart of Captain Evie’s crew and look forward to all the adventures to come!!

Thank you for all the hard work you put into these treasure hunts for the community. I can't think of a better way for families to get out during a pandemic and enjoy our local woods! Reading the puzzles developed reading skills and the kids got fresh air and lots of physical activity running from clue to clue. The kids learned to cooperate and work together for the ultimate prize - the treasure box!

Capt. Evie’s treasure hunts have been a highlight of the pandemic! We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring new pathways and parks in the county as we follow the clues. The Fuchs family does an amazing job finding routes with fun landmarks and sights along the way. Each month, they have introduced new and creative ideas to keep it fresh. They do this in their spare time and for the benefit of the community — they are the true treasure!


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